Toy Weapon: Ghost Blaster is an unreleased Toy Weapon.

What is KnownEdit

The Weapon was shown in "Kenner - Hot, Hot, Hot" 1991 Promo booklet.[1] Along with Slimerizer neither weapons were shown in the Tomart Action Figure Digest #92 with the other Unproduced Figures section (though none of the weapon accessories were in the magazine).

Toy DescriptionsEdit

Ghost Blaster
with 10 soft plastic disks

Series DescriptionEdit

Description from Hot! Hot! Hot! Toy Fair 1991 (toy dealer catalog):
"Capture ten ghosts as once with the new Ghost Blaster! By repeatedly pulling the trigger, kids can rapidly launch ten soft plastic disks which fly for 10 feet! Guaranteed to handle the fiercest ghosts in your neighborhood."


  1. Kenner 1991 - Hot, Hot, Hot (Off website "Batman-Yesterday, Today, and Beyond")

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