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Winston Zeddemore

Ghostbuster, Pilot


"Sometimes, between the four of us, I don't think we have the brains God gave a doorknob!"

- Winston Zeddemore
Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters
Extreme Ghostbusters:
Back in the Saddle, Part 1
Back in the Saddle, Part 2
The Real Ghostbusters NOW Comics
Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The Real Ghostbusters Magazine
Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2
Played by Arsenio Hall (seasons 1-3) and Buster Jones(Seasons 4-7)

Winston Zeddemore was the fourth Ghostbuster hired due to heavy case loads. The Ghostbuster that most commonly wore a cyan uniform with red trim. However, due to low color pallets he sometimes wore green or blue uniform in the comics and promotion items.


Primary Canon HistoryEdit

The Real GhostbustersEdit

Revealed in the episode, "The Brooklyn Triangle," while investigating a disturbance at a construction site that Winston's dad, Ed Zeddemore, was a Foreman at that time. Winston came to help his father, and to reason with him, but Ed didn't believe in ghosts and looked at his Ghostbusting as some sort of video game. His father immediately told him he doesn't believe in the supernatural and doesn't approve of Winston being a Ghostbuster. While looking around the construction site, they are pulled into the Land of Lost Objects, and Winston gets him out (with the help of the other Ghostbusters, too). After this incident, he has earned his father's approval of being a Ghostbuster.

Winston worked in construction at one point [1], which could have been with his dad; which would later explain his knowledge of his dad's friends and such. He also displays abilities to use any new piece of equipment instantly and the fact that more often than not he's the usual pilot for Ecto-2. He also seemed to love working on the Ecto-1 and then entering it into car shows. A young Roland Jackson was impressed by the car and some equipment Winston brought along.

Winston is fond of basketball, crime and mystery novels, game shows, and police dramas. He can figure out the game show's answers and identify the guilty parties before his colleagues. Winston found chocolate mousse unappetizing when it was served by the Macabre Family in "Loathe Thy Neighbor." He, like the other Ghostbusters, is much recognized by ghosts (much like Boogieman knew Egon's) already know them by name, such as in "Ghostbusters II", "The Old College Spirit" and "Copycat."

Extreme GhostbustersEdit

In November 1997, the original Ghostbusters come back to celebrate Egon's birthday. Winston had been traveling around the country as a licensed pilot after leaving the team. [2] Winston promised he was going to spend his Thanksgiving and the holidays with his sister, who lives in a southern state, but the arrival of S.I.D.N.E.E. disrupted his plans. [3]

Winston uniform in the two-parter was a modified version of his original light blue coveralls, without the original red collar and trim. His common sense approach was still present. Interestingly, the new recruit Roland Jackson resembles Winston in some ways.

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit


Winston is still the straight man that continued from the movies but is more comical than his movie counterpart. He can explain Ray, Peter, and Egon's scientific explanations into common man's terms, also he can often come up with the common man's plan that is too simple for the others to realize, because of their scientific background. He is also a very good shot with the proton pack, so good he is the only Ghostbuster who used a scope in episode "Take Two" on a case.

Relationship to OthersEdit

Peter VenkmanEdit

Peter Venkman and Winston usually fall back and hang out on the sidelines when Egon and Ray get into more of the technical speak of equipment and the paranormal. Being that in many cases Peter was the only one other than Winston with any street smarts, they worked better. In, "Look Homeward, Ray" Peter bet Winston that Ray would return to the Pallo Mansion.

Egon SpenglerEdit

Winston will generally defer to Egon Spengler for solutions to capturing more difficult ghosts, and provides support when enacting plans. Ray and Winston normally breaks down Egon's complex technical jargon into more "Everyman" terms for the rest of the team.

Ray StantzEdit

Winston and Ray Stantz share a lot of common interests. They both love the Ecto-1, game shows, and both tend to show compassion in a given situation. While Ray sometimes comes off being a bit too much like a kid, Winston usually doesn't mind. [4]

Janine MelnitzEdit

Usually of the four ghostbusters, Winston was the most apologetic when something goes wrong.[5]


Winston was protective of Slimer during most of the episodes much like Egon and Ray. Winston also understood Slimer's feelings pretty good most of the time. During Winston's surprise birthday when Slimer ate the complete cake, Winston semi defends him. [6]

Louis TullyEdit

Eduardo RiveraEdit

Roland JacksonEdit

Garrett MillerEdit

Kylie GriffinEdit

While Winston and Kylie's direct interactions were minimal at best, both share the same role as the voice of pragmatism and common sense for their teams.


  • Ernie Hudson auditioned for the role.[7]
  • During a surprise birthday party, it is revealed Winston's favorite flavor of cake is Blueberry Fudge.[8]
  • Winston is shown to be an expert shot with a Particle Thrower, he used a one with a scope attached.[9]
  • Winston loyally supports the rather unsuccessful Jaguars baseball team.[10]
  • The license plate of Winston's car is "BIG-042" [11]
  • Winston always wanted to play Major League Baseball. [12]
  • Winston grew up watching Walt Fleischman cartoons. [13]
  • "Boo-Dunit" revealed Winston's interest in the mystery genre. It comes into play again in "Elementary My Dear Winston"
  • Winston admitted he could never pull off a bluff. [14]
  • Winston sometimes regrets answering the ad the Ghostbusters placed during the events of the first film. [15]
  • Winston is afraid of needles. [16]
  • Winston used to be a construction worker. [17]
  • Winston played basketball during his childhood. [18]
  • Charles Foster Hearse's red sled reminded Winston of one he had when he was a child. [19]
  • Winston is revealed to be the reincarnation of Shimabuku, the leader of the Ibandi tribe of Tangalla.[20]
  • Winston revealed that as a child, he listened to his grandmother's stories from Africa and Puerto Rico about voodoo but never believed in it. [21]
  • Ray and Winston both like game shows.[22]
  • Winston mentions some of his cousins live in Bismarck, [23]
  • Winston's hobbies are music and Biblical studies.[24]
  • Winston confesses to taking $20 out of petty cash for his girlfriend. [25]
  • Until he gave it to The Collector, Winston wore one half of The Key on a simple necklace.
  • During the Al Capone TV special, Winston wanted to say "Hi" to his mother in New Jersey. [26]
  • Winston once played a horn rather badly and noted it's been awhile. [27]
  • In the first draft of the "Slimer Streak" script, it was revealed Ed Zeddemore and Winston put together a train set during Winston's childhood. Winston's first and best train set was sent to the Firehouse in the episode.[28]
  • When Winston was a child, his aunt once took him to the original Penn Station. [29]
  • Winston used to be very skilled at playing pinball games. [30]
  • When he was 12 years old, Winston wanted a horse but his mom told him he couldn't because they lived in an apartment. [31]
  • Winston always wanted to go up into space since he was a child. [32]
  • Winston gets sea sick over rough waters.[33]
  • Winston once served in the military but doesn't recall boot camp too fondly. [34]
  • Winston has some fluency in Spanish, he translates the warning on the map of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. [35]
  • Winston appears on the RI cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #8.


Primary CanonEdit

The Real Ghostbusters


Extreme Ghostbusters

Secondary CanonEdit

NOW Comics Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

The Real Ghostbusters Magazine


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Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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