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"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

This article is about a character or concept that has no name. The name used is decided by Admins. For issues of what name, please raise it on the talk page.

The Yurei is a type of Japanese female spirit.


After Janine Melnitz and Kylie Griffin were teleported to Tokyo by Proteus, they went to the Embassy of the United States in Tokyo. The employee who worked with them noted this was rather irregular but promised to get them back home as soon the embassy could. She revealed the Japanese government wanted to make sure none of the local ghosts were angered by the incident. Janine agreed and promised to send someone to help clean up any possible problems. She was eager to get home. Nobody noticed the Yurei in the office's mirror.


  • Erik Burnham wrote the Yurei scene simply as a fun gag to end the comic with. [1]


IDW Comics


  1. Interview with Erik Burnham Part 3, Answer #11

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