Zeke and Maude [1] [2] are a married couple who lives outside New York City on farmland.


In the late 1980s, in the month of August, [3] a Werechicken appeared at their residence on the night of a full moon. Maude searched the chicken coop and was infected by the Werechicken. After transmogrifying into a Werechicken, she terrorized Zeke and left their home to lay a Werechicken Egg atop a pile of hay. Zeke called the Ghostbusters and reported a giant chicken ate his wife. The Ghostbusters believed this to be a false alarm but were keen on taking on any form of distraction from Egon's Weather Balloon project.

The Maude Werechicken's giant egg was confiscated by the Ghostbusters. After a series of events, the Werechicken from this egg was defeated and the Ghostbusters appeared to have successfully cured Maude and Egon with Chickenbane Soup. Maude and Zeke later made a trip to the Firehouse to celebrate with them.



The Real Ghostbusters


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Secondary CanonEdit

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